5 best oil heaters in India under 11000

5 best oil heaters in India

Everyone is struggling to find the right oil heater this winter. I am from North India and I know that bearing winters there is a difficult task. Although it is definitely easier to cope with the cold weather with warm clothing and hot beverages, a room heater is a perfect option in your home or office to keep warm. To make your life easy we have collated a list of the 5 best oil heaters in India based on user’s experiences.

However, if you have large rooms in your sweet home or you have a baby at home then you should definitely go with an oil-filled heater.

Why I chose Oil heaters this winter?

A great option for heating large-sized rooms is oil heaters. Oil-filled heaters provide heat for a longer period. It takes some time for oil-filled room heaters to heat up, but for a long time, the oil stays hot. Costly but worth it to buy for long period.

Are Oil heaters dangerous?

Generally, oil-filled heaters are clean. Make sure that your heater has a thermostat safety feature. It will prevent the heater from getting damaged by shutting off once the heater reached the desired temperature.

Let’s take a look at these 5 Best Oil heaters in India under INR 11000:

Affordable and flexible to mount on the wall as well. The heater turned off whenever the heater tilts more than the safe angle. It helps to prevent unwanted electrical shocks and fire incidents. Come with 2 years guarantee.

This has advanced S-shaped 3rd generation fins to ensure there is better heat distribution in the room Also, it has three power settings which definitely save electricity. Triple overheating protection ensures the safety of you and your loved ones and it comes with castor wheels helping in better mobility. I like this product because this PTC oil heater comes with a fan that spread warmth evenly in your rooms. you can read a detailed review here

This is another heater which comes with three power settings, with this great feature, more energy is saved. It has a thermostat control function, which is helpful for controlling the heat of your room heater filled with oil. It also has powder-coated fins that prevent any damage caused by rust. This is an excellent heater to buy this winter. buy here

Come with a beautiful design and an overheat protection feature that prevents overheating from damaging the room heater. And to make you feel warm, the thermostatic heat control feature controls the heat. The PTC heater comes with a function of the fan and dust filter, the fan is helpful in spreading the heat in every corner of your room, and the function of the dust filter prevents the dust from entering the heater. Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Noiseless, reliable and safe comes with a 2-year warranty, which makes this heater a good purchase for many this winter. Having an auto thermal shut off to prevent overheating, provide a long life. With an adjustable thermostat and three heat settings (1000 W/ 1500 W/ 2500 W) customized to your heating needs. One of the affordable oil-filled heaters in the market.

Oil Heaters are more costly than fans or infrared heaters. But since they last longer and are the most powerful room heaters, it is worth purchasing oil-filled heaters. I will recommend you to go with Orient one as I am personally using it this winter and it’s performing quite well As It is noiseless (noise comes only when the fan is turned on) and the most affordable one.

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