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Hey lovely mothers, I know that you are always concerned about your child and want to give him/her the best in this world. I switched to cloth diapers when my baby was 6 months old and now he is 21 months old, it has been a successful journey with CD. I got introduced to cloth diapering by Instagram influencers and later I joined the ‘Cloth Diapering India’ community on Facebook that’s where I explored so many affordable cloth diaper brands and a lot of interesting facts related to cloth diapering. To make things simple we have listed down the 5 best cloth diaper brands that you can try for your kid

Why are Cloth Diapers much popular among mothers?

In today’s era, cloth diapers are more environmentally friendly and affordable. Cloth diapers can save your money to a large extent. They do not contain chemical absorbents found in disposable diapers and don’t create unnecessary landfills.

They can be washed and reused again. The hygiene of cloth diapers depends entirely on how well you keep them. One thing you can be sure of if you are considering cloth diapers is that the baby is going to be comfortable.

Here is a list of the 5 best cloth diaper brands in India which you can consider for your kid:
  1. Superbottoms

Superbottoms is environment-friendly, reusable cloth diapers made up of organic cotton. switching to this might appear costly to you in the beginning, but it is hygienic and comfortable. You can start cloth diapering from 3 months onwards.

This brand is big and has investor funding and it gets reflected in the variety of products it offers. You can check out this brand for cloth diapers, wet bags, feeding stoles, etc. My stash includes 3 Superbottoms UNO and 2 Superbottoms Basics diapers. Basic ones I use in the daytime and UNO I use in the nighttime. Diapers are very good, elastic is easy on the waist and thighs and with snaps, you can easily resize them. Being funded company they have good quality products and support system which will attract you. Their Facebook community is quite helpful, you can find plenty of knowledge in this FB community.

2. Snugkins

I have added a cloth diaper and training pants from this brand recently in my stash. The diaper is slim and sleek and has 21 layers of soft organic cotton making it rash-free and completely leak-free. It gives a very snug fitting and doesn’t look bulky at all. It comes with a regular, and booster pad. My baby is a medium wetter so the combination of regular and booster pad works really well for me, this diaper works 10 hours for us in the nighttime.

You can find cute, colorful prints, and the brand claims to be India’s first designer diaper brand. This diaper can stand up to 300 washes and fits from 3 – 24 months.

This brand has a good range of products like cloth diapers, langots, potty training pants, top-short sets, wetbags, diaper changing mats and bamboo baby wipes. You must check out this brand, I highly recommend this brand as your one-stop shop solution.

3. Kindermum

This brand is run by Manasi and it offers trim-fit diapers which go easily over fancy children’s clothing. I use Kindermum Nano AIO for day diapering and trust me it is very easy to put on pants or pajamas over this diaper, it doesn’t look bulky. She is extremely helpful and offers support right from purchase to usage. Other than diapers you can also check out this brand for training pants.

4. Two busy bums

Deboshmita owns this brand and she has a plethora of knowledge. Through her support you will be able to do cloth diapering in a budget. You can find variety of pocket diapers, flats ( tie and dye), boosters, cloth diapering accessories on the website. She also has a youtube channel by the same name and she has reviewed different brands on her channel. You must visit this website while building your stash.

5. Charlie Banana

Though I haven’t used this brand personally but have received good feedback from my friend circle. Charlie banana is almost like super bottoms, it is a pocket diaper. It has a trim crotch area and it doesn’t look bulky. The Wash routine of all cloth diapers are same.

A child typically uses roughly 2000 to 3000 diapers in early childhood. Now think about how much you are going to spend? Cloth diapers are an environment as well as pocket-friendly deal.

It seems like a challenging, time-consuming job to use cloth diapers, but these brands also make them easy to use, environmentally friendly, and easy for your wallet.

If you want to save some money then you must consider buying diapers in discounts, subscribe to the brands’ newsletters and look out for promotional discounts. You can even consider buying from smaller brands as they are pretty reasonable in comparison to big brands like Superbottoms and Charlie Banana.

You must consider buying from different brands and see what suits your baby. Don’t buy in a rush, go slow, see what’s working for you basis cost, sunlight(drying time), wash routine, etc. This might appear as one time cost to you but it will be worth saving a lot because of its 300+ washes capability. I hope this list of 5 best cloth diaper brands in India worked out for you.

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