8 Ways To style Long Kurtis

The staple fashion of most women in India, the Kurtis, has been constantly in trend for a decade. Reason – these are so versatile and comfortable that you can wear them on all occasions and in different styles. Whether these might be the
shorter ones or the long Kurtis, you never fail to make a mark on the onlookers when wearing them. Today, we bring you such amazing eight styles that go perfectly well with your long Kurtis. Want to know more? Keep reading.

1.Long Kurtis with palazzos – Long Kurtis look most attractive with palazzo pants. Especially if both of them complement each other in colour and the fabric is almost similar. Wear this combination at work, festivals, and even formal parties; you’ll never look underdressed in them.

2. Long Kurtis as a dress – You might have an extensive collection of Western attires, but wearing a long kurti as a dress is a tempting style to try! You need to pick the Kurtis below your knee level and match them with a nice pair of shoes or sandals. Carry a good arm candy with it, and there you are
looking, all ready to woo the spectators.

3. Long Kurtis with short jackets – Short jackets, or kotis as we call them in traditional language, are a great add-on to try over your long Kurtis. These can be simply in the basic fabric in subtle shades or some contemporarily styled jacket with sequins or embroidery work. The more attractive this kotis are, the better enhancement they give to your Kurtis.

4. Long Kurtis with long skirts – Let’s try this unique style which upholds the attention of fashion freaks each year on the fashion shows. Pair your cotton-long Kurtis with long skirts in contrasting shades and look admirable slaying them at parties and small events.

5. Long Kurtis with ankle-length pants – For a more basic yet sophisticated appearance, style your long Kurtis with ankle-length pants. The Kurtis can be in any fabric you prefer, but remember to keep the pants in cotton fabric to make this pair a hit.

6. Long Kurtis with jeans – We have seen celebrities slaying it, and now it’s your turn! Style your long Kurtis of any fabric, colour and pattern with jeans to look comfortable, stylish and captivating at work and on casual outings.

7. Long Kurtis with long shrugs – If you love fusion fashion, try styling your long Kurtis with long and loose-fitted shrugs. These certainly enhance the appearance of the Kurtis and make you look more stylish and modern wearing them! P.S – you can even add a touch of elegance to this style by wearing some statement jewellery over this attire.

8. Long Kurtis with contrasting leggings – They say opposites attract! Well, they certainly do and look fabulous together too. Don’t believe us? Try using opposite shades of light and darker hues when pairing your long Kurtis with leggings and see the magnificent magic. You’ll love slaying in this style at work or at festive occasions and parties.

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