Best high chair for babies in India

Best high chair for babies in India (1)

The moment your baby crosses 6 months of age that means it’s time to start his/her solids journey. Other than the age you should see whether the baby is showing interest in the food, able to sit in an upright position if all of these marks ‘yes’ that means you should begin with solid now.

To start the weaning process it is up to you to choose traditional weaning (spoon-led) or baby-led weaning. It totally depends on you. This generation of parents are clearly obsessed with BLW; baby led weaning where you encourage 6 months+ baby to self-feed. You must have seen lots of videos on Instagram where the baby is sitting on a high chair and enjoying their meal. My suggestion to you is that please do not take stress by seeing those videos. You do what works for you.

To start the solid journey you need a high chair and baby-specific cutlery. HIgh chair helps in developing eating and social skills. Which high chair to choose depends on your budget and your eating surroundings.

If you as a family eat at the dining table then I recommend you to go for a high chair whereas if you prefer to sit on the floor and eat then please go for booster chair.

Things to look out for in a high-chair:

  1. Sturdiness
  2. Price
  3. Leg support
  4. height adjustment
  5. foldable (if you travel frequently/move locally)
  6. Having a storage like a basket would be a plus point

Here are the 5 recommendations for the best high chair for babies in India

  1. R for Rabbit marshmallow: I am using this one and I bought it after doing long research. This chair is foldable, have 7 height adjustments, has suropean standard lock and tray can be removed and comes with a basket where you can keep sipper and wash cloth etc. Price – Rs 7699. If your budget is more than you can definetly check similar model in brands like Chicco or Joie Mimzy

2. Luv lap 3 in 1 convertible: plus point of this high chair is that it can be converted in to a table and chair for later use. If you have that in your mind then you can choose this one. Similar model is available in R for Rabbit also. Price – Rs 4041

3. Ikea high chair: Very affordable and easy on the pocket. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with a footrest. You can easily DIY a footrest by tieing a wooden block or a cloth and save some money. This chair is favorite among many moms and is very popular in US also. Price – Rs 2398

4. Syga high chair: this is also good. It is sturdy, has cushions, a footrest, and it can be adjusted to a low height as well. You can find a similar model in Babyhug, Luv lap, and Ealing mom. Price – Rs 3407

5. StarAndDaisy Folding Baby High Chair: I have seen some moms using this high chair also. So you can consider this as well. Price – Rs 3299

My Take- High chairs are mostly useful up to 18 months after that baby starts moving and making them sit in one place is really difficult. They prefer to eat while roaming or by sitting on bed etc. It’s up to you how and where you want your baby to eat. A basic booster chair will also work to start the solid journey. You can pick any of the best high chair for babies in India. Once they are able to sit for longer hours they can eat anywhere. So do not stress more about buying an expensive one rather than look at the features.

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