Cheapest home decor items under 500

cheapest home decor

Hey, do you want to give a quick makeover to your room without burning a hole in the pocket? We have curated a list of the cheapest home decor items under 500 which will instantly add a definition to your space.

I know that it’s very hectic to decorate or style the house under a set budget. Especially when we have plenty of enchanting and contemporary home decor pieces around us. However, with some inexpensive and elegant home decor options, it is possible to turn your home into a paradise while keeping your budget.

Be ready to go through this list and give a quick makeover to your home this year by just adding items under 500. These are the most cost-effective and breath-taking ideas on a budget that you need to try for home decor.

Here it is:

There are lots of different ways your gallery wall can be styled. It all depends on your taste and what you try to hang out with. Shatterproof, Reusable, Easy to clean, explore your imagination with this decor item. Decorate your beautiful home with this unique DIY item.

Price: Rs 299

This beautiful tealight holder from JaipurCrafts makes your home a great inclusion. I bought it last Diwali. With the right decor, they will also accentuate your home. Like never before, light up your house.

To glam up the festive decor you can decorate it with candles and flowers. Good quality and durability make this a perfect stuff for decoration mainly during festivals.

Price: Rs 288

wooden wall rack

Good product for a cozy home decor wall. It’s my favorite one. It gives a vintage and attractive look to the walls. Offer enough space for books and flower pots to be kept upon.

Price: Rs 367

An attractive artistic wooden piece having excellent durability which gives a stylish look to the wall. Great for a vintage look. Art lovers should go for this piece.

Price: Rs. 429


Macrame is in and with added greens, you can simply elevate the look of your study table or living room. It can be used anywhere in your home. Perfect for plant-lovers. This DIY item made up of natural cotton fiber gives an elegant look and doesn’t contain any chemicals.

Price: Rs 469

All the above home décor items are awesome and you can get them just under 500. The more beautiful decorations that your home has, the more exclusive it will look. These little things can bring a lot of elegance and richness to the interior of your home.

I hope you can decorate your home within your budget with these cheapest home decor ideas; these are the most tested ways to save your money while giving your sweet home the best look with the best dose of creativity! 

Without emptying your pockets, all of these décor pieces will make your home look serene. Take some time off, evaluate your home, and build some creative DIY decor pieces for this year to renovate your home!

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