DIY: Toner Spray Bottle

DIY toner spray bottle



DIY toner spray bottle

This post is on “How to make your own Toner Spray Bottle”. You can call it as a DIY or a reuse/recycle project which totally worked out for me. Most of the times it happens that suddenly a bottle gets dropped and either it caps get broken or the bottle itself. But what to do with the leftover product. We want to use it, right? Always reconsider an empty bottle or spray bottle or small plastic container before throwing. You might use them again for storing your other stuff or just to store a DIY cream eye shadow. I made this because my toner bottle’s cap was broken so it use to spill out often.

broken cap

It hardly take 5 mins and is really simple and easy to make.  Also it is Super handy as I am using a travel size spray bottle to make this. So let’s get started!!

Things that you will need are:

  • Any old Spray Bottle
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Toner

dabur gulabari bottle

biotique toner

Take any old travel size spray bottle to start with. Wash it thoroughly with lukewarm water so that the old product is completely removed from the spray bottle. Then leave it to dry.

old spray bottle

Now use your scissors to take off the outer label of the spray bottle as you are going to give it a personalized look.

toner bottle

Yeah!! We are almost there. Fill your spray Bottle with the toner (That your using right now).

TADA!!! And we are done!!

Now you own your personalized Toner Spray Bottle.

toner bottle



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