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Twigly review

I had heard a lot about the food being served at Twigly Kalkaji and was looking forward to sampling some of the mouthwatering dishes they serve. Thanks to my food blogger colleague we got a chance to taste some of their offerings, we had placed an order for alfredo chicken pasta, Twigly’s signature cajun chicken, greek chicken and feta pizza, and grandma’s Srilankan chicken curry and rice. in next 10 mins after placing the order, I got a call from restaurant informing me that they have discontinued Srilankan chicken curry and rice and he suggested me to go for the loaded chicken fillet egg sandwich. So here’s my review:


1. Alfredo Chicken Pasta in White sauce:

Alfredo chicken pastaThe macaroni pasta was boiled to perfection with the right blend of cream, cheese, and olive oil and a dash of oregano and chili-flakes gave the alfredo pasta the awesome flavor that you couldn’t have enough of.


2. Greek Chicken and Feta Pizza:

greek chicken pizza twigly

The thin crust pizza was savory and delightful. Unlike other pizza, the crust was soft and not chewy. The toppings were a mix of minced chicken, olives, and tomatoes with the right amount of cheese. The ingredients were proportionately balanced and not just doused with extra cheese. You could taste the ingredients in every bite.


3. Twigly’s Signature Cajun Chicken with Ranch dressing:

cajun chicken Twigly

The Cajun chicken was a pleasant surprise in the entire collection. Tastefully accompanied with pickled radish and ranch dressing, left you wanting for more. The Cajun chicken that I have had earlier has the peppers overpowering the taste of a well-cooked chicken, but this one had the Cajun spices blended perfectly and infused into chicken pieces. The onion and garlic powder were mixed in the right proportion to balance the taste of the chili mixer.


4. Loaded Chicken fillet Egg sandwich:

Twigly's loaded chicken sandwich

The sandwich was cheesy and wholesome. The bread was soft and the sandwich filling was actually filling. With the dash of greens this sandwich is a go-to on a hungry afternoon. The only thing missing with the sandwich was the pint of cold beer!!! (just kidding)

The next important answer every one looks for is was the portion size sufficient, well yes, the portion size was good to feed three super hungry mouths who enjoy a well-cooked meal. Overall the lunch of not only satisfying, it was a sumptuous meal and left us feeling content and sleepy.

Food quality: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price for Two: INR 500

I totally recommend ordering food from this Twigly Kalkaji. You can check my other food reviews also.

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