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Beautiful & younger looking skin is everybody’s dream. Having a clear glass skin irrespective of the color defines the foundation of true beauty. To attain the dream, it doesn’t take much of hard work but consistent effort. Knowing your skin type, right skincare products, derma diet, and hormones are the pillars on which a healthy skin stands. This post will definitely help in knowing your skin and skin care regime before you hit 30.

The skin acts as a mirror that reflects our internal health. Our skin type depends majorly on our genetics and age. However, it keeps changing with exposure to external and internal factors.

Internal Factors that affect the skin type are:
  • Our diet
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Gut Health
  • Nutrition
External Factors that affect the skin type are:
  • Environmental or climate change
  • Pollution
  • Medication
  • Exposure to sun
  • Skincare products

There are mainly 4 types of skin types- Normal, Oily, dry, combination. Once you know your skin type, choosing the right skin product as per your age is the next step.

The basic steps in any skin regime are cleanse, tone, moisturize and sunblock. Layering with different serums and creams is not always the best approach. Gradually learning about your skin, what it needs, and then adding products is the ideal approach.

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Every skin is different and it ages differently. As you age, your skin also improvises in its textural change requiring more attention. As we hit late 20s, the first area that starts showing our age is undereye area. Considering the busy lifestyle and time spent online, under eyes can show changes in different ways. There can be hollowness, fines lines, discoloured or dark under eyes, bags, or just sheer tiredness.

The second concern is the uneven skin tone and texture especially around the mouth and nose. Some people also complain of acne marks which are formed over the years due to pricking the acne or not taking proper treatment of the acne.

How you can take care of these problem areas?
  • Peptide-based under eye cream rich in antioxidants can help in the dark under eyes and maintain the integrity of the sensitive area. Adding a vitamin C serum to face not only adds the much-needed glow but also takes care of any uneven skin tone. It lightens the age spots or freckles or acne marks and improves moisturization.
  • Vitamin A derivative or retinol based night cream is a gold standard of anti-aging care. It not only clears out light marks that occurred in growing age but also fills the superficial lines that starts to appear on face. It not only increases collagen but also reduces the pore size.
  • Exfoliation and wearing a mask once a week is like a booster the skin needs. Choosing the right ingredient like Fuller’s earth, sandalwood, tea tree oil, rose water, vitamin C for oily skin whilst yogurt, coconut oil, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, ceramides for dry skin helps in retaining the texture and keeps it even.
  • Apart from maintaining good hydration, a good derma diet and leading a stress-free lifestyle helps you enter your 30s with a glass skin.

Hope you find this information helpful. This article is contributed by Dr. Sonali, integrative and cosmetic dermatologist at Holistic Skin care.

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