Moms co diaper rash cream review | better than Himalaya diaper rash cream

moms co diaper rash cream

New moms this post is especially for you all. If you are using diapers or cloth nappies for your baby then by this time now you must be familiar with diaper rash. Chafing or rubbing, tight-fitting diapers, or clothing that rubs against the skin can lead to a rash. Skin irritation or redness can go worst with frequent bowel movements.

It becomes extremely necessary to use a diaper rash cream to prevent rashes and protect your baby from this painful situation. My little one has turned 6 months now and in the initial 5 months I have been using HImalaya diaper rash cream which worked well for my baby but I was not satisfied with the quality so my search for diaper rash cream ended with Moms co diaper rash cream and here is the detailed review:


The outer packaging is of the square paper box and inside you will see a small white-colored tub with branding on it. This has a lid system so you have to open the cap and take out the desired product using your finger. On the outer cover you will see a list of ingredients, manufacturing date, and details about manufacturing lab and marketing company listed, so you see teh entire information on the package itself this will help you in deciding the product before buying

What is contains / ingredients:

This has 15% zinc oxide, hydrolyzed oat protein, and organic chamomile oil as the main ingredients which helps in soothing and prevention diaper rashes.

What product claims:
  • It creates a layer between wetness and baby’s skin, protecting it from diaper rash
  • Calendula oil, known for its ability to healing abilities, protects the skin
  • Paraben and Mineral-Oil free
  • Hypoallergenic, Mild & Gentle
  • With USDA-Certified Organic Ingredients
  • 0 months +
How to apply:

Take a small amount of Diaper Rash Cream on your fingers and apply on baby’s bum and areas which gets covered in the diaper.

Price: Rs 199 for 25 g, it is a bit costly than HImalaya

How to buy: you can get this from Amazon, Firstcry or Vanity wagon

What I like about this product:

This cream is quite thick in fact has a paste-like consistency which is much better than Himalaya diaper cream, so while changing the diaper also you can see the presence which means it acted as a layer between wetness and baby’s skin. tub packaging is helpful in controlling the amount. I apply this cream after every diaper change and till now my baby hasn’t faced rashes.

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