Pond’s Light Moisturiser Review

ponds light moisturiser

I have been using Pond’s Light Moisturiser from past 2 months and I feel this is the perfect time for me to write a review for all of you. I saw this cute little tub in the supermarket and I bought this moisturizer. It was mentioned on the Pond’s Light Moisturiser that it provides the non-oily fresh feel and it has glycerin and vitamin E in it.

This description was enough for me to pick this product. My skin type is normal to oily and in summers it gets very difficult to apply the moisturizer on the face in the morning. This product has worked wonders on my skin and I have finished half of the tub.


Ponds Light Moisturiser 150ml

What the product looks like:

That’s how it looks. A flat tub having a screw lid, making it easier to carry in the bag.  The ingredient list is mentioned in the back. The texture is smooth and it’s very easy to apply.ponds moisturiser












What it claims:

Product claims that it is for soft and glowing skin, has glycerin and vitamin E in it. They claim themselves to be non-oily fresh feel light moisturizer.

ponds light moisturiser application

  • it’s super light
  • gets absorbed very quickly
  • non-sticky and non-oily
  • It has a very subtle and pleasing fragrance
  • Works great on normal to oily skin type, I don’t think it will work for extremely dry skin
  • Tub packaging makes it unhygienic to use, the pump would have been better

INR 175 for 75 ml

My take:

This moisturizer has been working good on my skin. I apply it in the morning while going to the office and I can feel that it stays for good 7-8 hours. I have used this in summers and I am still continuing with this moisturizer. My skin has been smooth, without any zits or acne. I totally recommend this moisturizer to you all but remember it has worked on my skin which is normal to oily, so select it as per your skin’s need.

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