Review: Echoes Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar

echoes hudson lane

Visited Echoes in Hudson Lane and fell in love with the place. If you are asking what is so special about the place? I’d say it is one of those places that make you so happy but you cannot actually point out what it is exactly.

The food was amazing, no doubt but making it more amazing was these gentlemen waiters who made you feel great the way they welcome you. So, Echoes has this beautiful concept of employing young and positive people with special needs in the restaurant. The waiters who work here cannot speak or hear so they communicate through sign language and notepad where you put down your orders. They also have a switch hanging over the tables which read, “Press the bell and we’ll be right there to serve you”. When pressed, this lights the bulb with your table number to guide the waiters to your table.
The place is also nicely done that you feel like you have a home set up like the place with comfortable couches and seats. Check out some of my pictures and you will know what I mean.

Echoes also has a really long list of good foods on their menu compared to the others restaurants in the area. You name it and it is all there, be it American, Chinese, Cafe, North Indian, Italian, Mexican or Mughlai.  Coming to the food, I ordered these items:echoes hudson lane


  • Double decker chicken burger –

chicken burger stuffed with double chicken patty, topped with a slice of cheese and served with a dip and french fries, you can pick this if you want to taste the café style food

  • Lamb with mashed potato –

slow cooked lamb pieces served with mashed potato and bread

  • Fiery chicken with vodka – this was a bit spicy and chicken drumstick were served with flames on it
  • Chicken sheekh kebab – which was usually tasting sheekh kebab
  • Drinks – Ferrero Rocher shake and coffee – I feel all of you now know how it taste 😛

Food quality: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Price for Two: INR 600

Zomato Link –

It was all so delicious that we decided there and then that we will meet again soon as the same amazing place among the same amazing people.

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