Review : FairFax Hair energizer

fairfax hair review

Today on the review list is Fair Fax hair energizer, a 100% herbal Swiss made hair energizer. It is a non-oily & non-sticky solution for your hair fall issues. I got it from and as you all must be knowing that I am facing hair loss and I managed to find out that it is due to iron deficiency and to overcome it I am on iron supplements. So let’s begin with the genuine feedback here:

What the product looks like –

This product is by Macrobiotic herbals. It comes in a small glass bottle (5 ml quantity) which is packed in a sturdy hard cardboard packaging. The liquid inside the bottle is quite transparent in color. The company claims that Fairfax hair energizer is a blend of selected Ayurvedic herbs which provides hair nourishment and has hair growth. On daily usage, it helps manage hair strands, reduce hair damage, control hair fall, provide the ever needed bounce to your hair and hence support hair growth.

Fairfax hair review
What it claims:
  • Oil-free
  • 100% herbal
  • Reduces hair fall and prevents hair loss
  • Acts as a pollution mask


How to Apply:

You need to simply mix 4 drops of Fairfax hair energizer in about four mugs of water and rinse your hair with them while bathing. Fairfax is odour free, oil free and will leave a silky smooth feel to your hair upon daily usage.

How it reacted on my hair:

I have thick dense hair and I have been using it for 3 weeks now.  While adding drops in the water for the last rinse it doesn’t form any pungent smell or to say it is odourless. While applying, my hair felt a little bit of sticky but the stickiness vanished after drying. It felt a little bounce in my hair and yes it does energizes the hair, I can’t comment on the hair loss part because I am experimenting lot of things at this time.

fair fax hair energizer

Rs 1199 inclusive of GST

My Take:

If you are okay with the price then you can go ahead and give this product a try. This product has given shine and extra bounce to my hair.



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