Review: POSITIVE Root Therapy and Advanced Onion Oil for Hair Growth

positive root therapy onion oil

This week we have a new product to review and it is Positive Root Therapy Red Onion Oil. Onion juice is often linked with hair growth and you must have seen in many DIY videos where people are making onion oil or taking out onion juice and apply it on the scalp in order to promote hair growth in the bald patches or areas with less hair.

The reason I got this oil is because of the impact of change in weather on my hair and scalp. As winters are approaching I tend to get dry scalp and dandruff. Let’s see whether this Positive Root Therapy and Advanced Onion Oil for Hair Growth did any good to me or not, so here’s the review:

This is a pump like bottle which makes it very easy and convenient to use without causing any spillage. You just need to open the pack and take out the plastic bottle, rotate the nozzle and it is opened. Just 2 pumps give me sufficient quantity for my scalp. This image clearly shows that this oil is almost colorless, it has a very small hint of redness to it and its consistency is like that of Dabur Amla Hair oil, slightly thick and not runny like any other hair oil. This Onion hair oil for hair growth is free from mineral oil, is all-natural and has soothing fragrance (read non-pungent smell).

It does felt greasy to me, after applying on my scalp I could feel that my palms have a little bit of stickiness and it has a fragrance very similar to that of amla oil.

How to apply:
  • Take a few drops of the oil as per your hair length
  • Massage on your scalp and leave it for30 mins or overnight
  • wash off with a mild shampoo

What the product claims: The positive onion oil is enriched with 18 essential oils and 37 herbs which when combined together enhances the hair growth process. It helps in reducing the scalp infection and is proven to be effective in controlling hair loss and treating patchy baldness

Price: Rs 999 for 200 ml but you can get this at a discounted rate of Rs 499 on Amazon

My Take

well, I have used this product only for 3 times and commenting on the hair growth would be really difficult at this moment. However I did feel a little bit of tingling sensation on the scalp while applying and after wash, my hair was soft and shiny. It did perform as good hair oil. I will update its performance on hair growth after 2 months where I will be testing this product out for a longer time.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review, you can check reviews of other products here.

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