Small Business Tips: Best Lifestyle Gifts for Your Clients and Customers

gifts for small business

A small business could be something as simple as a home-based bakery business that you run part-time, or a full-time café you have built over many years with dedicated hard work and passion. In both instances though, customers are key and customer retention is of immense importance, to say the least. These are only two examples, but that fact doesn’t change, irrespective of the segment that your own establishment is a part of.

Now, lifestyle gifts have a unique place and value that serve towards building and maintaining that all-important customer relationship. The ROI on such gifts are amazing because they become a part of the customer’s regular life, and not something that they may forget about, five minutes after receiving it. As to what makes the best lifestyle gifts for customers and clients, we have five suggestions for you to choose from today.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs have value on multiple fronts and the person receiving it doesn’t even to be a coffee drinker, although that would indeed be a rare find! These can be used to drink tea in or for serving as a cup for any other beverage of their preference. With some improvisation, it isn’t difficult to order a batch of custom-made mugs. Mugs can also serve as a beer mug at times. It’s that kind of versatility and usability that makes the coffee mug an all-time hit as a superb lifestyle gift for anyone in the corporate world, or even in personal life for that matter.

Just make sure that the actual mug is of high quality, as it will represent you and your establishment. Check the differences between a stoneware coffee mug and an earthenware mug in the linked article.

Custom Clothing

Tees are the most common choice, but they may not be the best option you have at your disposal though. Jackets serve as a better and more substantial lifestyle gift for the most part. You can also mix and match to suit the season at the time you decide to send out the gifts. However, there is one crucial aspect of using custom clothing as gifts that you must keep in mind; make sure that the ones you present as gifts for your clients and customers are designed differently, as compared to the ones you provide to your employees!

Chocolates or Coffee Beans

Both are consumables, so none of the two will not have any long-term value, but if you have a bakery or a café, they can do wonders for customer retention and even getting new customers from the old ones. Just make sure that the coffee beans go to the adults, although chocolates are likely going to be appreciated by anyone.

Stay away from socks and cheap electronics because the former is a bad gift on all fronts, while the latter only creates a bad impression. Create a budget, stick to it, and ensure quality above all else; something that you will have a hard time doing if you choose electronics.

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