Tips for Finding the Right Type of Women Night Dress for Your Summer Style

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Let’s admit it! No matter how much we fancy our party or casual outfits, we always find comfort in nightwear. Especially during summers, we all just wish our office dress code just didn’t exist. Nightdress has the power to make you forget all about the tough and tiring day you have had and wrap you in a hug to give you a soothing sleep. If chosen well, then there is nothing that can beat an amazing night dresses in giving you a pleasant sleep of utmost comfort.

So, in order to have a really soothing sleep, one must find the right type of nightdress. I’m sure you don’t wear the same basic nightwear for all the seasons, or do you? Well, if you are just stepping into the world of nightdresses and wanna know all about it. Then chill out! We have enlisted a few tips to help you find the right type of nightdress for your awesome summers.

1. Focus on the fabric:
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Now that we are talking about Indian weather, you don’t want to go wrong in the matter of fabrics. The last thing you want is your nightdress to be uncomfortable and irritating. Well, one best thing you can do is upgrade to cotton essentials. Cotton has been a top fav for us when it comes to Indian hot & humid climates that urge you to sleep in fabrics that let you breathe. So if you’re someone who’s high on comfort then you would wanna fill your wardrobe with cotton-based nightwear styles. But if you’re someone who looks out for luxury then you could shop some smooth nightdress that feels like butter on your skin and works perfectly well for your air-conditioned bedroom.

2. Choose comfort over style
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Basically, a lot of women prefer style and design over comfort which is definitely not a smart move. You might end up looking pretty but let’s admit it guys, wearing something uncomfortable can ruin your whole sleep schedule. And that’s you should always choose comfort over style. So, pick nightdresses which are comfortable and good to sleep in. In fact, we also recommend you to prefer loose clothes which are pretty comforting than any tightly fitted nightdresses. Avoid picking styles that have a lot of embellished details on it or trinkets. You won’t want to poke yourself with one while sleeping. Pick a modest length of neckline, a really high one might look classy but can also make you feel suffocated, similarly a deep neckline might look sexy but might not be as comfy.

3. Choose Breathable Clothes

Well, wearing something soft and comforting is a major factor but you should consider the breathability factor as well. Nightdresses should be the most relaxing outfits of the day, so make sure you wear one which can let your skin breathe. Trust me, it may not matter during the rest of the year, but you’ll definitely notice the difference between breathable fabrics and fabrics that trap moisture during the summer.

4. Length of the Nightdress

Summers call for all teeny-weeny clothes. Yes even when it comes to nightwear, we suggest you pick short knee-length nightdresses for summers. They are easy to wear and look chic. Sleep tees have been quite a trend recently and have been a top favourite amongst young women. It looks more like a dress which makes it more wearable and presentable even as loungewear. If you’re not into short dresses then you could also opt for a calf-length nightdress.

5. Look Out For Sleeves
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Now that we are talking about summer nightdresses, the goal is to have good airflow as much as possible. We aren’t asking you to go strapless, if you like it that way then great but if you don’t then consider short sleeves or racerback camis. When it comes to winters, you could look for nightwear that has 3/4th or long sleeves to keep you cosy.

Now that you have a detailed idea of what kind of nightdress you should be shopping for this summer, all you have to do is start browsing. Wondering where to find the best of options? The latest nightdress collection by Clovia, Shein & Myntra is totally adorable. You can find everything from satin babydolls to cotton sleep tees on these websites. The best thing is you can be assured to find your perfect size of nightwear ranging from S – 2XL. Happy Shopping, thank me later!

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