Vegetal Bio Hair Color – is it worth buying?

Vegetal hair color review

I have got a lot of grey hair and I usually go for the touch every 15th day.  I went to  NewU to pick up my regular hair color which L’Oreal Paris shade no.4 but the sales girl showed me new organic hair color named as Vegetal Bio Hair Color.  The “natural” and “bio” written on it was so overpowering that I end up buying this color. Here’s my review which will help you to not waste your money on this hair color:


I bought 150 gms packet which consists of 2 small packets of colors, a small brush,  polythene gloves and a paper having instructions on itvegetal review

What does it contain:

Well the brand claims that this vegetal color is

  • Eco-cert certified Organic Hair Colour 
  • PPD Free hair color
  • Herbal Hair Colour
  • Ammonia free hair color
  • Semi-permanent Organic Hair color for men and women

But exact ingredients aren’t listed anywhere. It does smell like henna and I feel it has indigo also because the mixture turns bluish from greenish color in like 10 mins.

Their website does have mention of the ingredients and as per that it contains –  INDIGO 50%, MEHNDI 25%, CATECHU 5%, MANJISTHA 5%, COFFEE 5%, SHIKAKAI 1%, AMLA 2%, BHANGRA 2%, BRAHMI 1%.

Vegetal hair color green

Price: Rs. 715

How’s my experience:

Well, I followed the instructions and mixed the green powder with warm water and kept it for some time. It turned greenish to bluish color in like 5-10 minutes and totally smelled like henna. I applied the paste over the areas having grey hair and kept it for 1.5 hours. After that, I washed my hair normally and after 48 hours I used shampoo.

I used 2 packets in the duration of 15 days and it DOESN’T COVER GREY, I can my hair strands turning from grey to dark bluish and this color was only on the shaft, not on the root area. On scratching the scalp my fingertips got the blue color which means this color was all over my scalp except the grey hair.

While shampooing also I saw lather turning blue, I totally understand that hair color goes off with every wash but not like this that white froth turned into blue in seconds.

My experience was bad, totally bad so I would not suggest you buy this color. This is not for people who want to cover grey hair. If you have 10 -20% of grey hair then I feel you can think of going for this color. But looking at the mess I would not recommend you this color.

Will I be buying this?

Never in my life


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