New Whisper Ultra Soft 2x Softer Review

Whisper pink review

I saw this packet of Whisper Ultra Soft 2x Softer in a departmental store and I thought of trying this out. The line  “2x softer” drew my attention. I am one of those who is sensitive to synthetic covers, I prefer to use cotton base pads.

Whisper ultra (green one) has synthetic cover and that doesn’t suit me, so from the long time I have been buying StayFree. Being a brand loyal I was a bit hesitant about putting money on a sensitive product. To put my experience into one line, I would be saying new Whisper Ultra Soft 2x  is a fragrant cotton cover pad which has absorption power of 2-3 hours and it is softer(It varies person to person).

Here’s how the packaging of Whisper Ultra Soft 2x  looks like. The pink color is really appealing to the eye and it equally does justice with the “softness” aspect. This pad is softer compared to other Whisper Ultra variants.

whisper ultra 2x

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What Product Claims:

Get superior long-lasting period protection with Whisper Ultra Clean sanitary napkins which feature a unique design with superior protection that locks up to 100% wetness and even locks odor! With the Whisper Ultra Soft Large sanitary pads, your skin gets all the pampering it needs and you get all the confidence you deserve! as per the brand Whisper Ultra soft must offer these qualities:

  • Soft Cottony Top sheet – gentle on skin.
  • Super Absorbent Core – absorbs at the center.
  • Nearly 20% longer (284mm)*, helps provide more coverage.
  • It Locks 100% wetness.
  • Gives extra coverage with long-lasting protection.
What it delivers:
  • Soft Cottony top sheet- gentle on skin Check mark symbol
  • Super absorbent core X, it gets wet easily  that you need to change the pad in every 2-3 hours
  • More coverage X,  No it doesn’t work
  • Locks 100% Wetness X  It didn’t work for me 😛
  • Fragrant Check mark symbol
Whisper pink review
Pink color covering is for L size and Purple color is for XL. You can see the cotton surface clearly here.
Price: Rs 64 for 7 pads. [ edited – I picked up the pack of 30 XL pads for Rs 285]

About Brand: Whisper, a renowned brand under Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Limited is one of the most trusted brand used by women across the world. Whisper offers a wide range of sanitary napkins to suit every girl or woman’s needs.

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